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The Importance Of Servicing Sweepers

Mac Floormaster

Routine sweeper preventative maintenance is extremely important, as without system upkeep you will see your machine experience a decrease in pick-up or suction efficiency.

This decrease in suction efficiency will in turn mean an increase in your noise output because your fan speed will be have to compensate to achieve the same level of suction. This increases your RPMs, which burns more fuel, and runs your engine down far more quickly.

People often perceive regular sweeper servicing as being expensive and unnecessary, but this is a myth. A preventative maintenance plan will reduce expenditure on your machine long-term, as smaller issues are picked up and dealt with while they are still small issues and not large and more costly machine fixes or replacements.

Additionally, improving your machine’s performance with regular servicing drastically reduces machine downtime. Should your machine require a large fix as opposed to a ‘small improvement’ it may be out of action for a longer period than desired.

Our aim is to arrive to any callout within 24 hours, and we try to fix any breakdowns on the same day so that we avoid as much downtime as possible - but we always recommend making the most of our RUCK service package provided by our dedicated service team of professional service engineers, as this is best way to ensure that your machine is working to its full potential. We can carry out service and repairs either on-site at your premises, or in our Darlington workshop if you’d prefer.

What to look for?


The most common cause of a vibration is a loose belt. It’s critical that the belt is maintained professionally, as the tightening must be carried out according to the manufacturer’s manual, otherwise the bolts can loosen or the belt may become misaligned, meaning it will wear out and require replacement more frequently.

Engine bolts coming loose can also be another cause of vibration. If these begin to come loose, it could result in a broken engine leg or crack in the engine tray due to increased impact.

Loose or Misaligned Parts

A loose belt can ruin a bearing - or if your sweeping head isn’t adjusted properly, the sweeping head will ‘float’ above the ground. Ideally, for the best performance and to minimise wear of the machine, the machine flaps should only just touch the ground. The correct alignment keeps your machine skids from wearing out too quickly, or marking the pavement.

Fans or seals drying out

If you notice that your fans or seals are drying out and appear to be ‘shrinking’ this is due to a lack of lubrication. This may not seem that serious, however this creates air leaks in the machine meaning that your machine has to work harder to produce the same results, wearing down the engine or battery much faster than necessary.

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