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Industrial Pressure Washers: Hot and Cold Pressure Washers

The Mobile Pressure Washers

MAC Avant Hot Mobile Pressure Washer

The MAC Avant Hot Mobile Pressure Washer is perfect for industrial applications due to its robust material and wheels - the heavy duty design of this machine means it can navigate rougher terrain with ease and can cope with prolonged outdoor use, in multi operator environments where machines can often take a beating.

MAC Avant Hot Mobile Pressure WasherBecause of this, the MAC Avant is perfect for:

  • Commercial farming
  • Agricultural settings
  • Industrial outdoor environments
  • Boat cleaning
  • Food preparation


MAC Drop Revolution Hot Mobile Pressure Washer

MAC Drop Revolution Hot Mobile Pressure Washer


The MAC Drop Revolution is just as capable as the MAC Avant as an industrial pressure washer, but is considerably more compact, a little brighter and bolder, and more budget friendly due to its design.

The machine comes equipped with the premium Annovi Reverberi 11.17 pump.


Like its older brother the Avant, the MAC Drop Revolution is ideal for:

  • Farm applications & agricultural settings
  • Tractors
  • Small fleet washing


MAC Atom STD & MAC Atom XL

The MAC Atoms are cold mobile industrial pressure washers, with stainless steel covers over a strong steel chassis.

The Atoms are some of our lighter machines, the STD weighing only 30kg!MAC Atom Cold Mobile Pressure Washers

The MAC Atom XL is available in a low bypass option, which is cheaper and suited to settings where chemicals are not required as standard, or in a high pressure auto stop/start chemical option.

The MAC Atom STD is especially manoeuvrable and lightweight, making it the perfect machine for domestic work. The Atoms are best suited for:

  • Car cleaning
  • Small fleet cleaning
  • Light industrial work
  • Outdoor areas


MAC Fix & Fix HT

MAX Fix & Fix HTThe MAC Fix & Fix HT are wall-mounted cabinets that are plumbed in and used most regularly for large-scale food preparation due to its material composition - largely high grade stainless steel.

The HT is a high temperature operation, meaning that the machine is specifically designed to utilise hot water which is often the water supply in food settings.

The machine can withstand temperatures up to 85 degrees, due to the high temperature pump.

The Fix can also be fitted with internal frost protection for where it is to be used in a cold setting.

The MAC Fix & FIX HT are the perfect machines for industries where sanitation and food preparation is of high importance, however are also the perfect fit for the automotive industry.


Static Pressure Washers: The MAC Plantmaster

Mac Plantmaster Static Pressure Washer

The Plantmaster range of pressure washers is a truly impressive fleet, each machine in the range is fitted with a professional Interpump system with ceramic pistons to ensure the correct pressure is achieved. The machines use industrial standard 1450 rpm, 4 pole electric Nicolini motors and an automatic stop/start system for ease of use. The industrial pressure washers use the MAC high efficiency boiler system, and are also equipped with flame failure, leak detection, full frost protection and cabinet lagging system so ensure users are safe whilst using the machine and are warned of any impending issues.

The cabinets are powder coated steel (though we now have a full stainless steel version available) and come with a lockable control panel and lockable front door so you can ensure only trained operatives are managing the machine or have access to controls and chemicals. The pressure washers have been through zinc phosphate steel pre-treatments to weather-proof them.

You are able to choose from a variety of options and accessories. This includes the colour of your door - pick your favourite colour, or the colour of your company branding.

You can also choose between internal and external hose reels, upgraded fuel and water tanks, improved key fob control systems and a timed or un-timed chemical supply.


The Advantage of a Hot Static Pressure Washer:

MAC Plantmaster Hot Static Pressure Washer

Hot pressure washers are best suited to cleaning grease, grime and oily stains. They’re more capable of removing grease than cold industrial pressure washers, as the hotter the temperature of the water, the higher the molecular energy level of the greasy particles, meaning they can break free from the surface much easier than they would in a cold environment. If your cleaning tasks involve any machines, engines, automotive parts or vehicle fleets, a hot pressure washer is your best option.


Cold Static Pressure Washer:

MAC Plantmaster Cold Static Pressure Washer

Cold water pressure washers use mechanical force of pressurised water to displace dirt from surfaces, and are best suited for light to medium cleaning jobs. Cold pressure washers are ideal for where heat may be an issue, such as when cleaning wooden surfaces. If you were to use a hot pressure washer, the heat would cause the wood to swell, causing damage, whereas a cold pressure washer would simply dislodge the muck. Cold pressure washers are ideal for moving around dirt, mud, or sand, where oily substances aren’t involved.



If you’ve discovered that one of the industrial pressure washers above meets your current requirements perfectly, or you’d like us to  help you identify the right machine for your business, we’d love to hear from you. Fill out our contact form or give Rob or John a call on 01325 286 081 and we’d be happy to discuss - or even take you around our showroom so you can see the machine in the flesh.