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  • The Importance Of Servicing Sweepers

    Mac Floormaster

    Routine sweeper preventative maintenance is extremely important, as without system upkeep you will see your machine experience a decrease in pick-up or suction efficiency.

    This decrease in suction efficiency will in turn mean an increase in your noise output because your fan speed will be have to compensate to achieve the same level of suction. This increases your RPMs, which burns more fuel, and runs your engine down far more quickly.

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  • Industrial Pressure Washers: Hot and Cold Pressure Washers

    The Mobile Pressure Washers

    MAC Avant Hot Mobile Pressure Washer

    The MAC Avant Hot Mobile Pressure Washer is perfect for industrial applications due to its robust material and wheels - the heavy duty design of this machine means it can navigate rougher terrain with ease and can cope with prolonged outdoor use, in multi operator environments where machines can often take a beating.

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  • New High Productivity Installation of the MAC SW170 Sweeper


    We recently delivered and installed the MAC SW170 ride-on Industrial Sweeper to a local carpet wholesaler in Hartlepool, Whitestone Weavers.

    They needed a sweeper to remove debris and litter from their warehouse more effectively than their current solution, and decided that the SW170 was perfect for the job due to its large-scale capacity and ease of manoeuvrability.

    So confident are they in the machine, Whitestone Weavers have taken the industrial sweeper on a five year contract hire which includes the added benefit of maintenance and after care services.

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  • Wilms Sunspot Heater perfect for these frosty mornings.

    We are pleased to add the famous Wilms Sunspot radiant space heater to our product range, available now at a very special price.

    The Wilms Sunspot infrared radiant heater is perfect for spot heating in garages, workshops and small warehouses during these cold and frosty winter months.

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