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New High Productivity Installation of the MAC SW170 Sweeper


We recently delivered and installed the MAC SW170 ride-on Industrial Sweeper to a local carpet wholesaler in Hartlepool, Whitestone Weavers.

They needed a sweeper to remove debris and litter from their warehouse more effectively than their current solution, and decided that the SW170 was perfect for the job due to its large-scale capacity and ease of manoeuvrability.

So confident are they in the machine, Whitestone Weavers have taken the industrial sweeper on a five year contract hire which includes the added benefit of maintenance and after care services.

Why Choose the SW170?

The MAC SW170 battery or diesel powered ride-on sweeper is commonly used in large factories and warehouses because of its wide sweeping width (1000mm), with two optional side brushes increasing the sweep path to an impressive 1700mm.  

The extra-large hopper has a 500 litre waste capacity making it perfect for tackling large scale clean-ups. There is also a handy vacuum suction hose for cleaning hard to reach areas.

We recommended the MAC SW170 to Whitestone based on their large scale cleaning requirements and size of warehouse. As the SW170 is a ride on machine, this enables staff at Whitestone Weavers to cover a larger area in as little time as possible, reducing the amount of time spent sweeping up debris in the warehouse at the end of a long working day or week.

Delivering Improved Health and Safety on Site

The MAC SW170 has simple mechanical operation and easy to use controls to ensure that operators do not lose control of the machine. This means that they can navigate the warehouse with ease while the multi-height, high-dump waste hopper reduces the need for manual handling. The machine comes equipped with both a safety horn and flashing rear light, to warn pedestrians in the machine’s path of its arrival.

Additional Qualities

The SW170 sweeper has a high quality, robust and heavy-duty chassis made from steel, to ensure that the machine is durable enough to withstand long term usage in a busy industrial environment.

The unit is highly manoeuvrable so that it can navigate easily through even the tightest of warehouses or aisles while applying an impressive sweeping width of almost two meters. The machine has both forward and reverse traction, and is available in either a battery or diesel powered version.

You’re able to quickly replace the machine’s brushes with absolutely no need for tools - anyone that has been trained to use the machine should be able to do this quite easily!

The steel hopper collects all the unwanted debris during the cleaning process with its 500 litre waste capacity and the machine is fitted with a lifting flap to aid with large scale waste collection.

If you’re interested in the SW170, you can have a look at the industrial sweeper's specifications, give us a call at 01325 286 081 or fill out our easy to use enquiry form on our contact page.