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Wilms Sunspot Heater perfect for these frosty mornings.

We are pleased to add the famous Wilms Sunspot radiant space heater to our product range, available now at a very special price.

The Wilms Sunspot infrared radiant heater is perfect for spot heating in garages, workshops and small warehouses during these cold and frosty winter months.

The machine comes with some superb features:

  • Easy transportation
  • Runs on parafin or heating oil
  • Low noise, dust free heat
  • No heat loss due to convection
  • Instant heat
  • Low fuel consumption (1.5 L/H)
  • Heat output (13000 kcal/h)


These heaters also have some superb safety features.

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Along with all these great features and is one of the best mobile heaters around it also comes complete with a wide range of accessories.

If you would like anymore information on these great Wilms Sunspot Heaters do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 01325 286 081.